Serious Business

Serious business is about leadership and business development. In these sessions we will be bringing those presenters who have information to contribute toward the shift in our thinking about the things we thought we knew. This is all about rethinking and reinventing. It is approaching the ideas of business from a physiological approach, tackling the thinking of the business mind. Not just focusing on making money but dealing with ideas like sustainability, the environment, the global landscape, and civilization survivability.

All business worldwide needs to refine the ideas and approach to their attitudes, behaviors, and cultures when dealing with their abilities for growth and success. Our intention is to bring thinkers that will tackle these issues without fear of addressing them form an unorthodox approach. These sessions will be very radical and will be calling into questions many of the practices that are responsible for our current economic conditions.

The idea of serious business is about getting serious about addressing the things that leads business to ultimate demise from an academic, professional, and unorthodox point of view. These sessions will be focusing on past, present, and further practices that causes us to rise as a world civilization or fall into oblivion and total destruction. We will be taking into consideration concepts like empires, military aggression, destructive industries, people, and other causes for such events.

Ujamaa’s business is the development of our clients business.

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