Youth Business Conference

We conduct one on one and team innovative leadership-training program for young people looking to get into business. We see Youth Business as the new frontier of the future industries in this country and around the world. We provide an innovative training program to prepare youth to be successful in the business environment. We intend to expose youth to business theory and principles through our learning model, peer conferencing, and seminars. We work primarily with young people from age 14 to 20, and we seek to serve a diverse population of young people.

Our focus it to bring young people to learn about the world of high level corporate finance through our simulation, and professional speakers. The youth are advised by attorneys, accountants, investment bankers and many other executives to understand the mechanics of these business transactions.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare young people to understand the mechanics of how to successfully run a business. They then go on to apply the knowledge by actually participating in the management of small business operatives that they will own individually or collectively.

Entrepreneurial Training Program is the foundation. Youth meet in conference room regally to review our business ideas. These meetings include guest speakers from industry as well as financial advisors that teach our young business enthusiast about the world of investments and business.

The young people are responsible for moderating these sessions and managing the operations of their training, and they are responsible to present their business, business plan, or idea to the group at some point in the development process.

Ujamaa’s business is the development of our clients business.

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